DYCSYT wins an ESA ITT in collaboration with Thalès Alenia Space

October 2023

DYCSYT was awarded the ESA Invitation To Tender (ITT) entitled: De-risking active damping of large flexible appendages in the AOCS loop for planetary missions, in collaboration with Thalès Alenia Space.

The objective of this study is to industrialize mature research control techniques for spacecrafts with large flexible appendages. DYCSYT is in charge of the modeling of the spacecraft with the SDTlib, and of the robust attitude control along with an active damping strategy of the flexible modes inside the control bandwidth. As only classical sensors and actuators will be used, the goal is to provide more agility and better performance without any additional complexity. These results will support Thalès Alenia Space to define a generic procedure for active damping control design for industrial applications.

More information about the ITT on the following link: https://esastar-publication-ext.sso.esa.int/ESATenderActions/details/56125